Why is the natural health industry pushing coffee?

What baffles me is how the health industry is pushing coffee to reduce blood pressure and for all kinds of health benefits. We know how corrupt the mainstream are–but what is going on in the natural health industry? — From PW

While moderate coffee consumption is safe and probably beneficial on the whole for most adults, no one can claim that coffee lowers blood pressure. Caffeine is a diuretic which causes fluid to be lost from the body (a dehydration danger) but that effect would not cause any kind of stable lowering of blood pressure.

And the stimulant effect of caffeine might be suspected to raise blood pressure–but in fact, blood pressure is more complicated–and in the absence of chronic stress, your body will manage to maintain a normal blood pressure.

You can’t trust most of the “natural health or natural products” industry either. Ninety percent of the industry is driven by hype and ignorant of science. The rare players in this industry who take the time and trouble to follow the science and provide high quality products are actually punished in the mass marketplace since their products cost more.  

Big PHARMA is even worse. Despite the fact that they know, or should know, the science, they offer among the absolute poorest dietary supplements on the market. The most popular ones are consistently judged the worst. You can’t spend money on quality when you spend it all on advertising.

We don’t line up with either the “johnny-come-lately” health industry doctors, or the “natural-know-it-alls,” but consistently strive to provide an independent voice influenced only by the science whether politically correct or not.