Wipe away arthritis pain in just 4 weeks with this botanical trio

Yesterday, I explained how mainstream medicine pours its time and money into researching drug treatments for deadly diseases—such as cancer and heart disease. And it woefully neglects chronic health conditions—like lower back pain and arthritis. We also discussed natural strategies for combatting lower back pain 

So, today, let’s focus on two new studies involving several natural and effective remedies for combatting arthritis pain 

Botanical trio works on joint pain in just four weeks 

For the first study, researchers looked at the effectiveness of black pepperginger, and turmeric extracts for chronic knee osteoarthritis (OA) compared to the commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) naproxen (Aleve®).  

First, the researchers randomly divided 60 participants with knee OA into two groups. One group took the botanical extract combination twice a day for four weeks. (The researchers chose these extracts because we already know they work together synergistically to reduce inflammation, the root cause of arthritis.The second group took a standard dose of naproxen twice a day for four weeks. 

After four weeks, the researchers measured the participants’ levels of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2)—strong cellular marker of inflammation. Research also associates it with swelling to the joint and erosion of cartilage. 

Both groups “significantly” reduced their PGE2 levels. Which means the natural, herbal remedy reduced inflammation just as well as the potent drugbut without the side effects.  

In second new study, researchers looked at the effect of daily fish oil supplementation on chronic OA pain 

First, the researchers randomly divided 152 older, overweight, and obese adults (ages 50 to 80 years) into four groups.  

  • The first group took a daily fish oil supplement (2,000 mg DHA and 400 mg EPA, per day). 
  • The second group took a daily curcumin supplement (160 mg per day). 
  • The third group took a daily combination of fish oil and curcumin. 
  • And the fourth group took a placebo 

After 12 weeks, the fish oil group “significantly” improved their OA pain and functionality compared to the placebo group. They also reported improvements in psychological distress, productivity, sleep, and even finances! It appears they also experienced improvements in blood circulation, which makes sense, as previous studies show that fish oil does indeed improve blood flow and arterial elasticity.   

Of course, dosing is always important, especially when it comes to fish oilAnd the dose of fish oil they used in this study may be marginally sufficient for someone who regularly enjoys some seafood during the week.  

But it was far too low for most Americanswho typically dont eat any seafood during the week. (Here are updatedmy dosage recommendations for fish oil supplementationwhich are sensibly based on how much seafood you eat during the week.) 

And of course, curcumin has been a long-standing recommendation of mine for joint pain for years. In fact, it’s part of my “ABCs” for joint painas I discussed yesterday 

In addition to the natural remedies covered in these two studies, there are many other natural approaches to combatting the pain, stiffness, and swelling associated with arthritis. You can learn more about them in my Arthritis Relief and Reversal Protocol. This innovative, online learning tool discusses a drug-free plan for easing and eliminating arthritis pain. To learn more, or to enroll today, click here now! 

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