6 places where germs lurk at all times

Most microbes that cause colds, viruses, and infections actually prefer warmer temperatures. In fact, the only reason people tend to pick up more bugs in the winter is because they spend more time in confined, crowded spaces—allowing for easier transmission of microbes that can’t survive outside of warm bodies.

Of course, the best way to protect yourself against any cold or virus is to practice good personal hygiene. So, today, let’s talk about a few common places where germs lurk, even in the summertime…

1.) Your work place

You may not realize it, but personal electronic devices that you touch every day are germ magnets. In fact, cell phones—which people take just about everywhere, including the bathroom—can harbor 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. One recent study found that cell phones are commonly contaminated with streptococcus bacteria, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria, and even E. coli (a fecal bacteria). Additionally, your computer keyboard is another big offender. It can harbor 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Imagine what the public terminals are like!

2.) The kitchen sink

Your kitchen sink harbors billions of germs, which grow very quickly in warm, humid environments. Cleaning sponges are particularly nasty receptacles. Plus, research shows that washing a sponge doesn’t get rid of the germs. Instead, you need to microwave it to kill off the worst culprits. Or, you can always just replace your sponge every week, or use organic instead of synthetic sponges.

3.) Public spaces

Doorknobs, handles, and handrails in public bathrooms, and other public places harbor legions of microbes. So, when you’re out and about, make sure to keep your hands off these high-traffic areas.

4.) Credit card machines and paper money

I’ve warned you before about the germs lurking on point-of-sale touchscreens at banks, post offices, restaurants, and retail stores. But paper money also poses a problem, as it frequently changes hands out in public circulation. In fact, studies show that currency helps spread viruses and harbors pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella.

5.) Restaurants
We’ve all seen the signs requiring restaurant employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom…but who’s checking up on employees to ensure they follow this practice? And what about other patrons? Improperly washed hands can easily taint food with fecal matter, introducing infectious bacteria or viruses. They can also contaminate restaurant menus. In fact, studies show restaurant menus and tables contain up to 185,000 bacterial organisms.

6.) Supermarkets

Nearly all shopping carts are contaminated with E. coli and other nasty bacteria. So, make sure to wipe down the cart’s handle before you begin your shopping. Or better yet, skip the supermarket and shop at the farmer’s market with your own hand basket.

In the end, just remember to practice good personal hygiene year-round—not only during flu season. Because summer infections can be just as deadly.

As always, I suggest washing your hands often with soap and water. Especially after you’ve been out in public, handled money, or touched a menu or a shopping cart. And if you don’t have access to soap and water, you can use a personal alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which you should always carry with you.

I also suggest regularly wiping down your personal devices and computers with a microfiber cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

And finally, when fall comes back around, make sure to skip the ineffective annual influenza (“flu”) vaccine. Last year’s flu season lasted 21 weeks and came in two phases, making it the longest-lasting flu season on record. But, with worthless and counter-productive vaccines, is it any wonder that the flu virus is getting worse and worse?

Remember, as I’ve reported before, growing evidence suggests the vaccine actually promotes the spread of the annual virus! Check out the September 2018 issue of my monthly newsletter, Insiders’ Cures (“The deadly dangers of flu vaccinations”) for more information. If you’re not yet a subscriber, click here to sign up today!


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