Avoiding red meat is sabotaging your health

A massive, new study shows eating red meat does NOT raise your heart disease risk.

By now, it should be an old story.

The government’s old nutritional advice about avoiding dietary cholesterol and saturated fats was all wrong, all along. That means their recommendations to avoid meat — as well as dairy, eggs and shellfish — were dead wrong too. Their bad advice led to a dietary and disease disaster, as I have been reporting.

But the diehards…just die hard.

Many researchers remain in denial about the benefits of meat. Meanwhile, the country really needs them to move on, as the new study clearly shows…

Same results, time and again

For this massive, new study published last November in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists performed a meta-analysis where they systematically researched all prior studies to determine the effects of eating red meat on cardiovascular disease.

Two different researchers independently examined 945 studies and extracted data from 24 of the highest quality randomized controlled trials. Subjects were 20 years or older.

Results showed that red meat intake did not affect blood pressure, blood lipids, or blood lipoproteins. Plus, there were no changes over time between the two groups by meat consumption.

In other words, eating more than a half-serving of red meat per day does not influence risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Conversely, there was no benefit to cutting back on meat consumption below a half-serving per day.

These are all good, solid findings backed by numerous previous studies. However, I found the study fell short in one major way…

It did not look at the possible nutrient deficiencies and health risks from not eating enough meat.

Dangers of not eating meat

Meat is the richest source of bioavailable minerals (like calcium, magnesium, selenium), as well as B vitamins, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E.

Plus, how about protein? Studies show that older men need twice as much protein as the government’s daily recommended allowance in order to maintain muscle mass. Especially as they age, men need to eat twice as much meat as recommended.

There is an epidemic in the U.S. of dietary deficiency of calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin D, which in all likelihood contributes to the epidemics of diet-related chronic diseases like cancer, Type II diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Bottom line — men and women don’t get enough of these nutrients when they avoid meat and saturated fats. Plus, substituting sugars and carbs for fats causes even more problems.

If you followed the government’s half-cocked advice to cut dairy, eggs, meat, and shellfish, what are you left with? More carbs and sugar.

Ultimately, by following the government’s old advice, you could end up like the “Man in the Iron Mask” or the “Prisoner of Zenda” on a bread-and-water diet.

Trusting the government to get it right is like relying on a stopped clock to tell the time. Once in a great while they get it right. But who is to know when?

Tell your cardiologists and doctors to get off the anti-meat bandwagon. There is an old saying, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Tell them that when it comes to preventing heart disease and keeping your brain and body healthy, you will take the meat and not their poisonous prescriptions.


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