Drug-free joint pain solutions can prevent agonizing surgeries or injections

Have you noticed some obnoxious advertising for the latest and greatest arthritis “cure.” It uses injections of hyaluronic acid or platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Sketchy specialty clinics are even popping up around the country promising to revitalize your joints with these expensive and highly invasive measures.

But these invasive techniques only provide a quick-fix (if any). Plus, repeated injections can actually worsen the condition. (It’s the same story with injecting steroid drugs, as I’ve long reported.)

The only effective, long-term solution to eliminating arthritis pain involves reducing inflammation and rebuilding cartilage, which takes time. Cartilage reduces friction between joints and acts as a cushion to support body weight, particularly while moving or being active.

The adverse effects of aging

Our cartilage and joints can take a real beating as we age…

We also lose cartilage as we grow older, which results in a reduction in height — up to a total of one inch in men, and two inches in women, between the ages 30 and 70. Plus, both men and women can lose yet another inch after 80 years of age.

Inflammation also damages cartilage, resulting in a limited range of motion and stiffness. These changes can lead to discomfort and “creaky” joints, causing many sufferers to stop exercising. It’s a vicious cycle, especially since joints become stiffer without exercise.

I advise that you keep up some gentle movement, even with sore joints. (I’ll give you some more tips about arthritis-friendly exercises in a moment.)

Though I always caution you against over-exercising.

In fact, I blame much of our high arthritis rates on excessive exercise, which causes inflammation and cartilage degeneration. I can’t think of anything worse for your joints than excessive running on hard, artificial surfaces like asphalt, AstroTurf, treadmills, or concrete gym flooring.

Of course, excessive exercise can also damage your heart, GI tract, and kidneys, as I often report.

Instead, get some light exercise a few times a week. Evidence shows a little physical activity goes a long way, particularly as you get older. But the important thing is to just get out and do something — whether it’s walking, yard work, gardening, or swimming. (Going outdoors will also provide you the many benefits from sunshine and vitamin D.) Swimming is a particularly beneficial low-impact activity that keeps joints moving — which is key to counter-acting the effects of osteoarthritis.

So what else can you do to care for your joints? Let’s talk more about rebuilding cartilage to help decrease your joint pain. How can you do this safely and effectively?

Opt for natural solutions over injections and surgery

In my view, you should always try natural approaches before resorting to any invasive measures — such as injections or surgery. Those should only be last resorts. This advice holds true, especially when it comes to addressing chronic joint pain.

But don’t bother with taking glucosamine and chondroitin, the “darling supplements” routinely recommended — for decades — by a large number of “natural-know-it-alls”. Recent studies show that these tired, old joint supplements just flat out don’t work.

That’s mainly because they do nothing to stop chronic inflammation. And reducing chronic joint inflammation is a very important first step in naturally rebuilding cartilage.

That’s where my “ABCs of joint health” —  ashwagandha, boswellia, and curcumin — come into play. This potent, ancient herbal trio has anti-inflammatory effects that benefit not only your joints, but your brain and body as well.

Though, remember…

It takes years to lose cartilage. Rebuilding it can happen much faster, but it won’t occur overnight. So give yourself at least two to three months for these dietary supplements to kick in and start the natural rebuilding process.

The wait is worth it — and the results can really be miraculous.

In fact, my ABCs of joint health work so well, I’ve even heard from readers who’ve canceled their surgeries after using them for just a few months. I recommend 400 to 500 mg of each ingredient, once daily.

You can learn more about the ABCs of joint health — as well as other natural alternatives — in my drug-free plan for easing and eliminating all kinds of chronic pain in my Arthritis Relief and Reversal Protocol. Simply click here to learn more or enroll today.

So save yourself the pain, recovery time, and money associated with joint injections and surgeries. Instead, opt for a little light exercise and natural supplementation. Before you know it, you’ll be moving with greater ease and less pain.


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