Hydrate like an NFL quarterback (even on Monday morning)

There are few places left on earth to look for entirely new natural remedies. South Africa is one of those places. And the remarkable “red bush” (Aspalathus linearis) plant is one of the most exciting new discoveries to come out of this, or any, part of the world in years.

One hundred years ago, only the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert knew of the red bush plant. They used its leaves to make a hydrating beverage. In fact, this plant helped them survive in the hottest, harshest, driest place on the planet.

About 12 years ago, I began my own investigation into this remarkable plant. And I learned a great deal about how red bush helped the Kalahari Bushmen survive. Turns out, red bush hydrates the body on the cellular level.

Now, you already know that it’s important to drink plenty of fluids and electrolytes (mineral salts in the right proportions) to stay hydrated. The electrolytes help you absorb and retain fluids in your blood and tissues.

But did you know that your cells make their own water as well?

They can! And they do…but only if they are properly energized and nourished. Cells can make their own water using oxygen and carbohydrate, if they have the right plant chemicals.

Drinking normal tap or bottled water doesn’t nourish your cells. But drinking red bush does.

And that’s how the Kalahari Bushmen survived with so little water…the water they did drink contained red bush. And this helped them stay hydrated on a cellular level.

About 10 years ago, a colleague and I developed “test” forms of red bush that you add to drinking water at room temperature. And we approached several college football teams, professional football teams, and professional baseball teams about staying hydrated with red bush. We encouraged coaches and trainers to give red bush to these athletes to see if it helped boost their performance.

And boy, did it ever.

All the teams experienced tremendous success after their athletes starting drinking red bush.

(You can learn more about this story in my special report The Miracle at Red Bush. Subscribers to my Insiders’ Cures newsletter get this special report for free.)

Plus, ongoing research in South Africa and around the world continues to show that red bush has a number of other health benefits, in addition to cellular hydration.

In my March 2013 Insiders’ Cures newsletter, I wrote about a unique compound in red bush called aspalathin. Research shows that this compound helps maintain healthy blood sugar in experimental lab animals. It appears to work by reducing insulin resistance in muscle cells.

You see, muscle cells make up the largest bulk of tissue in the body, aside from your skin. So, together with the liver, muscle activity has a profound effect on sugar metabolism. In fact, it’s responsible for up to 80 percent of glucose uptake from the blood. That’s why a short walk after dinner is so effective at driving blood sugar into muscles. It also helps you avoid obesity and Type II diabetes.

Unfortunately, certain free fatty acids in the blood from the diet (such as palmitate) can interfere with glucose uptake by muscle, fat tissue and liver. But this new study showed aspalathin from red bush can reverse this effect.

So, the superior hydration benefits together with the effects on muscle help account for the superior performance experienced by athletes and observed by coaches and trainers for the past 10 years.

But as I’ve always said, red bush isn’t just for athletes. And now, you don’t have to be a top college athlete or a pro athlete to get red bush.

We now offer a new brand of red bush, called “Red Joe,” directly through this website. You simply add Red Joe’s water-soluble powder to plain tap water or bottled water.

For an “ordinary Joe” like you or me, it helps with healthy digestion after meals as well as hydration and muscle function. And it will help keep you feeling energized throughout the busiest of days. And if don’t play collegiate or professional football or baseball, it’s great for your tennis, golf or handball game…your daily swim, jog, bike ride, or walk…and for working in the yard.

Plus, it’s caffeine-free, so you don’t have to worry about it keeping you up at night. As far as I’m concerned, it’s truly the world’s perfect beverage for health and hydration.


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