Live longer while ignoring government warnings about “bad habits”

According to a very interesting new study, the key to living a long life has nothing to do with abiding by government-backed regulations — like giving up meat or alcohol.

If you ask me, all this big government control is grossly misplaced. Especially since the latest science shows that having the right type of genes can go a very long way in predicting how long you’ll live.

“Top survivors” run in families

For the new study, researchers analyzed data on 315,000 people from over 20,000 families dating back to 1740. The data came from two large data sets: one from the University of Utah (where they keep extensive genealogical records) and the other from the Dutch province of Zeeland.

It turns out, the more long-lived relatives you have, the lower your hazard of dying at any point in your life. Specifically, if both your parents were so-called “top survivors,” you have a 31 percent lower risk of dying at any point in your life than someone of the same age without top surviving parents.

(“Top survivor” refers to the top-10 percent, age-wise, of a group of people born within a given time period.)

The effect also works if your parents were not “top survivors,” but your aunts and uncles were! For example, even if your parents died young for reasons unrelated to health — such as fatal accidents, military deaths, or workplace incidents — you may still inherit the longevity genes if your aunts and uncles were “top survivors.”

Of course, health “experts” don’t talk about any of this interesting science.

Instead, many of them continue to insist that you give up all meat, smoking, and alcohol if you ever want to make it to old age.

But that advice simply isn’t true. And it never was…

And of course, if you don’t have many long-living family members, then you need to pay even closer attention to the science surrounding basic health recommendations — which means completely ignoring what you’re told by the powers-that-be.

Supposed “vices” support increased longevity

As I’ve often reported, science shows that extremely long-lived people actually have more so-called “vices.” They smoke more, drink more, eat meat and fats, exercise less, and have other “risk factors” that are supposedly associated with early deaths.

Take fats, for example.

For decades, the government told us to avoid foods with fats (and cholesterol), such as full-fat dairy, eggs, meat, and even certain kinds of seafood!

We now know that advice was all wrong, all along. And without a doubt, telling us to cut these foods from our diets has no doubt contributed to the modern epidemics of cancer, Type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and dementia that we now face in this country.

Plus, as I always say, it’s just as important to eat more of the right foods as it is to eat less of the wrong foods! Your body can handle a lot if properly nourished and equipped.

The same goes for smoking…

Inhaling smoke for millions of years

Humans have been inhaling smoke since the discovery of fire two million years ago.

So, our bodies developed built-in mechanisms to protect the lungs against it.

But, according to genetic science, about 10 percent of people don’t have this built-in protection. Instead, they have a genetic variant that makes them more susceptible to smoke and getting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and/or lung cancer.

In fact, as I explained last week, I helped develop a simple blood test for this genetic variant. And with this test, we could specifically target smoking prevention programs and early screenings to the small fraction of the population that really needs protection.

But back in 1984 (how appropriate), the political science bureaucrats at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) decided to ignore all that research.

Instead, they decided smoking was the be-all, end-all of lung diseases. And they poured all the funding into smoking cessation programs for everyone. But today, most people who are victims of lung cancer either never smoked or stopped long ago. And the government has nothing to offer them.

They’re coming after moderate drinking too

Nanny state governments are also attempting to come after your freedom to consume moderate amounts of alcohol — a full century after Prohibition failed — with fake science and fear tactics.

In fact, states like Utah have already again dropped the “legal” blood alcohol limit (BAC) to ridiculously low levels. Which means you (especially women) can’t enjoy even just one glass of wine with dinner without risking harassment and punishment by law enforcement.

But science shows just 9 percent of people who consume alcohol have any problem. And as my colleague Dr. George Lundberg explained recently, it’s easy to identify these problem drinkers.

It’s simply wrong to restrict all people — instead of helping the fraction of people who need help. And it doesn’t make sense clinically or medically to waste resources on “population control” instead of targeting the actual problem and helping the people who most need medical help.

Working for the system, not the individual

The U.S. government’s meddling in our health reminds me a lot of the “reforms” enacted by the German government in the 1920s after WW I. Slowly but surely, the German government assumed more and more control over health and medicine. And many doctors began working for the government — instead of working for their patients. The stage was set for abuse.

(There’s always the risk of abuse when a doctor goes to work for the government — or for a “third party,” such as a drug or insurance company — instead of working directly for you, the client, who hires and pays her or him.)

Of course, more doctors ended up members of the Nazi Party than any other profession. And we all know about the horrendous abuses perpetrated by doctors in the name of medicine and science under the Nazis…

Take an individualized path to increased longevity

As I’ve always said, your physician should treat you as an individual. And ancient Chinese and Indian (or Ayurvedic) medicine understood this simple concept 3,000 years ago. (I tell you all the details in my upcoming May Insiders’ Cures newsletter.)

They designed their sophisticated medical systems to take into account your own constitutional type for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

Yet here we are in 2019 and our public health “experts” don’t seem to want to accept what practitioners understood 3,000 years ago about human health. Instead, they continue to make blanket recommendations for everyone, in all circumstances, all the time.

Plus, increasingly, these public health recommendations aren’t prescriptive, but pro-scriptive — meaning, they tell you what NOT to do. Sometimes, they’re even prohibitionist — meaning, they ban and forbid things they don’t like altogether.

Fortunately, the real science on fats, smoking, and alcohol consumption is there. And I’ll continue to bring you the facts every week, right here in the Daily Dispatch and in my Insiders’ Cures monthly newsletter.

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“Longevity defined as top 10% survivors and beyond is transmitted as a quantitative genetic trait.” Nature Communications 2019;10(1):35. 10.1038/s41467-018-07925-0.