New study spotlights four more outrageous dangers of statin drugs

New research links cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to four more deadly outcomes. I’ll tell you all about these outrageous new findings in a moment. But first, let’s back up…

I first learned about the importance of dietary cholesterol during my medical training back in the 1970s. And for at least three decades, I’ve been warning anyone who would listen about the dangers of lowering it artificially with statin drugs.

But my warnings often fall on deaf ears.

Big pharma hid the truth from the mainstream. They used crafty statistical manipulations to make the drugs appear more helpful and less…well…deadly.

But the tide is turning. And the mainstream has actually picked up the scent and is beginning to sniff around the truth. Even the government’s own experts recently admitted their decades long advice to reduce dietary cholesterol was all wrong, all along.

We now know statin drugs don’t improve heart disease rates. Furthermore, they don’t improve death rates from heart disease, the supposed ultimate goal of these drugs.

Plus, the new study turned up some eye-opening facts.

For this study, researchers tracked 25,000 healthy patients in TRICARE, a military healthcare database, for an average of six-and-a-half years. At the study’s outset, all the patients were free of heart disease, Type II diabetes, and other severe chronic disease. But they had one key difference: some took statins to lower their cholesterol and others did not.

The researchers noted four main differences in their health outcomes…

First, statin users had an 87 percent higher risk of developing new-onset Type II diabetes over the course of the study. Of course, we’ve actually known for years that statins increase your risk of developing Type II diabetes.

Amazingly, some doctors still say they are willing to accept this “trade off” to “help” patients improve their heart health. Ironically, Type II diabetes is the leading cause of cardio-metabolic heart disease. So that’s not much of a “trade off.” More like throwing a life preserver made of lead to someone who is drowning.

The second important finding in this study?

In a smaller subset of patients, statin users were 250 percent more likely to develop all the long-term complications of Type II diabetes–including eye disease, kidney disease, and peripheral nerve disease–compared to their non-statin user counterparts. That’s a five times higher risk! Clearly, statins pile more risks on top of more risks in a vicious, deadly cycle. Enough is enough!

But, tragically, there’s still more…

In a third finding, statin users were 14 percent more likely to become overweight or obese after beginning a statin regimen.

This finding perfectly illustrates the well-known “gluttony effect” of statin drug use.

You see, big pharma perpetuates the idea that statins provide ironclad protection against cardiovascular disease. So patients begin to think they can eat whatever they want and sit on the couch…and their little statin pill will protect them against dying of cardiovascular disease.

And that’s simply not true. The pill clearly doesn’t work as intended! (Not to mention the dangerous side effects involved.)

Lastly, the researchers in this study noted a dose-response effect. In other words, the higher the dose of a statin drug given to a patient, the higher their risk of developing new-onset Type II diabetes…the higher their risk of developing dangerous diabetic complications…and the higher their risk of becoming obese.

Dr. Ishak Mansi, lead investigator of the TRICARE study stated, “It is better to make lifestyle changes and avoid taking statins…”

Well said Dr. Mansi.

So let’s talk about those simple lifestyle changes.

1. First, start with a healthy diet filled with green, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish. Also–go ahead and enjoy some healthy fats, including butter, eggs, and meat. (Remember, the government finally admitted their advice to cut out dietary cholesterol and saturated fats was all wrong, all along.)

2. Cut out sugar and reduce your carbs.

3. Get some moderate physical activity. You’ll lose weight and create a more healthy metabolic pattern, which naturally reduces the risk of heart disease and Type II diabetes.

4. Take a daily B vitamin complex to reduce homocysteine. The B vitamins have many other heart benefits as well as.

5. Take 10,000 IU daily of vitamin D3.

If you follow these steps, you won’t have to play the ridiculous cardio-illogical game of balancing real increases in many chronic diseases and complications for the chance of an illusory reduction in the risk of heart disease

To learn more about how to achieve heart health without resorting to drugs, read The Insider’s Guide to a Heart-Healthy and Statin-Free Life. It’s your ultimate guide for ditching cholesterol drugs for good–and transforming your heart health, starting today!


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