Revealed: The most neglected aspect of joint health

I’ve said before that if glucosamine and chondroitin were truly the wonder nutrient supplements that marketers claim they are, we wouldn’t still be talking about aching elbows, wrists, and knees. In fact, with all the “solutions” that have been dumped onto the public for decades, joint discomfort should have gone the way of the dinosaurs, years ago.

Historians tell us that, unlike many common health concerns that have become more prevalent in our modern industrialized era, joint stiffness has been afflicting humans since prehistoric times. In fact, paleopathologists estimate almost half of early humans — as far back as Neanderthal man — suffered some sort of joint concern.

Unfortunately, the best-documented health problem in human history is plaguing us still. And it will for generations to come — if we keep putting faith in supplements that get it all wrong.

But the good news is when an ailment has this much history, we have the benefit of millennia of trial and error before us. And our ancestors — from many cultures around the world — have left us clues that point us to real solutions. But first, it’s important to understand what’s really at the root of those aching, aging joints.

The most neglected aspect of joint health

You see, the key to maintaining flexibility, mobility, comfortable movement and healthy joints doesn’t just start with the joints themselves. You MUST address optimal bone health.

There’s no two ways about it.

Few people realize that our bones are in a constant state of demolition and re-construction.

In the simplest of terms, bones are the body’s store of all-important calcium, which is needed for health in all tissues, organs, and cells. As the body continually metabolizes calcium, bone cells are absorbed back into the body by osteoclasts…and then they’re replaced with healthy new cells by osteoblasts.

When we’re young, these two components work in perfect harmony, day in and day out, absorbing old bone cells and installing healthy new ones — ensuring strong healthy bones.

But as we age, and calcium metabolism can become imbalanced, the demolition crew can start working harder and faster than the construction crew can keep up.

Plus, everyday wear and tear makes it even worse — further slowing your body’s natural ability to rebuild bones to ensure their strength and stability. And when we exercise for our heart health and fitness it creates more wear and tear on our joints.

In fact, a 2005 study showed that adults with the highest levels of certain inflammation markers had up to 64 percent lower bone density.

But as I’ve said before, calcium supplements aren’t the answer!

The common supplement you don’t need — and the little-known one you DO

Calcium is an undeniably important factor for long-term bone health. But it’s nearly impossible get a meaningful dose from a supplement. In fact, a study of nearly 5,000 volunteers showed only a 16 percent reduction in fracture risk after supplementing with 1,000 mg of calcium every day for three years! A 2010 meta-analysis of 15 studies also showed an increased risk of heart disease cardiac events in people taking calcium supplements.

That’s why I always recommend you skip the calcium supplements and get your calcium solely from dietary sources like, healthy meat, fish, dairy, turnips, kale and broccoli.

But there IS a natural supplement that can help promote strong, healthy bones…

I’ve talked about boswellia before in terms of its ability to help promote a healthy inflammatory response (which is yet another underlying key for soothing achy joints). But this herb may actually slow or stop activity of the enzyme that leads to excessive osteoclast activity — keeping the “bone demolition crew” at bay.

In other words, boswellia supports your body’s natural bone-building process, allowing your joints to repair themselves.

That’s why I included it as one of the feature ingredients in my Core Joint and Bone FX formula. (Along with two other natural powerhouses, ashwagandha and curcumin.)

No other natural joint health solution delivers the kind of targeted bone support you’ll get from Core Joint and Bone FX — not one! Which explains why so few of them provide any meaningful relief.

But because it addresses this basic, underlying (and often overlooked) aspect of joint comfort and mobility, Core Joint and Bone FX works where so many other natural joint “solutions” fall short.

In fact, my own mother was one of the first people to put Core Joint and Bone FX to the test.

It worked so well, she still takes it every day to stay active and enjoy a full, busy schedule — at age 86. My daughter and I both take it as well. That’s three generations! And I can personally vouch for its soothing effects on my own aching knees.

So if you’ve been disappointed by other joint supplements, I encourage you not to give up just yet…not without trying one that actually gets to the very core of what your joints really need to repair themselves: strong, healthy bones.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to try Core Joint and Bone FX today.