Roundup is the usual suspect

The agricultural chemical company Monsanto introduced the toxic herbicide glyphosate, known commercially as “Roundup,” to the market in 1974. Since then, no other toxic substance has increased at the rate and to the extent of Roundup. At the same time, we have seen the steady rise of genetically modified (GM) crops. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where the majority of cash crops in the U.S.–such as corn and soybeans–come from genetically modified seeds.

Actually, this deadly duo goes hand in glove. Only genetically modified franken-plants can withstand exposure to glyphosate. Indeed, Monsanto scientists specifically modified the seeds’ genetic code to make them “Roundup ready.” No other kind of plant on Earth can withstand exposure to this chemical. (It also appears to be wiping out the majestic monarch butterfly, as I will report next month in a Daily Dispatch.) Unfortunately, it looks as if humans can’t withstand exposure to this toxic chemical either.

In a new, disturbing study, a research team led by U.S. naval scientist Dr. Nancy Swanson investigated the increased use of glyphosate on GM corn and soy over the past 20 years. Then, they charted the occurrence of 22 different chronic diseases over the same period. They used U.S. government data for their investigation.

The scientists found a striking correlation between the increased use of glyphosate and the rising incidence of dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, liver cancer, obesity, stroke, and thyroid disease. And, of course, these increases go together with higher GM crops. It’s not just because the population is growing older, as the rates were adjusted for age.

Of course, as I always point out, correlation is not causation. In other words, just because scientists uncover a link between two events, it doesn’t mean one event caused the other.

But biological plausibility is also important. And mounting evidence shows that glyphosate interferes with many metabolic processes in plants and animals. Plus, we know glyphosate disrupts the endocrine system and the balance of gut bacteria. Furthermore, it damages DNA and drives cell mutations that lead to cancer. And  we’ve found glyphosate residue in both plants and animals.

The authors argue that in light of these known biological effects of glyphosate, “it would be imprudent not to consider causation as a possible explanation.”

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allowed this disaster to unfold under their very big noses. So even though they can’t keep their noses out of harmless business, they’re still not good enough to smell the stink of the glyphosate-GM crop mess.

And here’s another sad truth…

Thousands of other toxic substances and pathogens in our environment probably also contributed to the rise in these diseases. In fact, someone exposed to glyphosate was surely exposed to a number of other potentially toxic chemicals in the environment as well.

This situation makes it hard to point fingers. And the legal system fails to act because judges demand proof that each and every different toxic chemical, individually and independently, caused a disease. But it’s almost impossible to parse out the effects of one, single chemical when we come in contact with a “toxic soup” of chemicals every day.

So, nothing happens.

You can bet the government would meet any rapid increase in an infectious disease with fear mongering, alarm, and emergency investigations. Instead, we have massive corporate interest in developing more antibacterial products, antibiotic drugs, and ineffective vaccines. But when it comes to glyphosate and GM crops, regulators turn their backs and pretend nothing is happening.

The useless, bloated U.S. government bureaucracy will continue to spend your money, yet do nothing to stop this runaway train. So you must find ways to protect yourself.

Take these eight steps to minimize your exposure to Roundup and GM crops:

  1. Avoid prepackaged, processed foods made with corn or soy.
  1. Strive to eat natural, whole foods found at the perimeter of the grocery store.
  1. When you buy produce at the market, make sure it’s organic. Or better yet, grow your own.
  1. Drink only properly filtered or pure-source water.
  1. Don’t use pesticides in your gardens, yards and fields.
  1. Petition schools and hospitals to serve only organic foods made with no GM ingredients.
  1. Lobby local authorities to stop use of pesticides on public school grounds, parks and roadways.
  1. If you live outside North or South America, be vocal about continuing to keep herbicide-tolerant and “Roundup Ready” GM crops out of your country.

We spend billions and billions of dollars on science and environmental regulation in this country each year. But the best argument the GM crop promoters have is that U.S. men, women, and children have eaten “trillions of GM meals”–and they’re all just fine.

Really? We’re all just fine?

Tell that to the White House.

In the classic movie Casablanca (Spanish for “white house”), the Vichy French Captain of Gendarmes, Renard (which means “fox” in French), impeccably portrayed by Claude Raines, has the famously cynical line, “Round up the usual suspects.”

Now it appears that Roundup is the usual suspect.


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