Special breakthrough edition of Insiders’ Cures

This August marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of my Insiders’ Cures newsletter. To celebrate the occasion, we put together a very special Breakthrough Edition of Insiders’ Cures.

True, the word “breakthrough” gets thrown around a lot these days. But I’ve realized something over my 35-year career in medicine…REAL breakthroughs are few and far between.

Here’s one reason why: Sub-specialists with very narrow vision conduct most of today’s research. These modern “experts” seem to learn more and more about less and less.

Unfortunately, this narrow vision gets encouraged and rewarded in the ivory tower of modern universities. And, by the way, the government hands them research grants.

But the vast preponderance of these sub-specialists just can’t see the big picture. (And, it seems, the government very often doesn’t want them to!)

So, as I said earlier, real breakthroughs happen very seldom.

But they do happen.

And they happen when we piece together the many little pieces of the puzzle. Suddenly, we reach a new understanding. One that explains and reconciles all the highly specialized research published piecemeal over the years.

That’s what happened this year–the Insiders’ Cures inaugural year.

Throughout this first year, I carefully combed through many different kinds of research studies. I looked at studies published across medical and scientific sub-specialties.

And during this inaugural year, I uncovered not just one–but three TRUE breakthroughs.

These genuine breakthroughs cover three of the most important topics in natural health–vitamin C, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Any one of these breakthroughs would be enough to fill the pages of other newsletters. In fact, most newsletters would thinly spread breakthroughs like these over many months.

But I just couldn’t wait. I want to share all three of them with my subscribers, without any delay.

If you are not yet a subscriber to my Insiders Cures’ newsletter, this month is the perfect time to get started. You will get immediate access online to this important Breakthrough Edition of Insiders’ Cures. Plus, in the coming months and years, I’m confident I’ll be able to share more real breakthroughs with you. Don’t delay. Subscribe today.