The one prescription I would write for everyone

A new colleague recently joined our team at Insiders’ Cures and the Daily Dispatch. So I took a moment to write her a short letter about my thoughts on modern medicine…our work…and life itself.

I thought I’d share part of that letter with you here today…


Forty years ago, when I graduated from medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, I took the Hippocratic Oath. And to this day, I continue to keep it top of mind.

As you probably know, it begins with, “First, do no harm.” The problem is, too much mainstream medical treatment is harmful—and unnecessary.

I became a doctor to help people. And we do seem to help a lot of people through our Insiders’ Cures newsletters and Daily Dispatch e-letters, judging by the feedback from readers about our publications and dietary supplement formulations.

I even like to think we’re “doing well by doing good.” Adam Smith, a moral philosopher, talked about this important principle in his influential book Wealth of Nations, which was published in 1776, the same year the U.S. gained its independence.

(Today, many historians regard Smith as some kind of economist. But that label applies modern sensibilities retrospectively—which is all too typical of contemporary approaches to history.)

As you may notice, I often find myself looking to the past for answers. And I’m especially wary of new medical technologies, drugs, and even diagnoses.

Of course, the only constant in life is change. But, sometimes, it seems like the changes in medicine directly benefit big pharma and our corrupt healthcare system…not you and me.

The summer of 2009, I drove up to Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, where my mentor the former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop had retired in residence. I took him to lunch at the Hanover Inn and asked him whether things in the field of medicine were getting better or worse.

He answered, “both.”

And I still find that even today’s “natural-know-it-alls” and “Johnny-come-lately” doctors who push natural approaches appear to have very little understanding of human biology or basic nutrition.

So, there are not many friends left to me.

Some simple prescriptions for healthy living

Well, as Harry Truman said about Washington, D.C., “if you want a friend, get a dog.” So I got a dog and he was my constant companion for many years, until we lost him last summer. In fact, adopting a pet was one of my top-10 health recommendations for the New Year.

Furthermore, I see all living creatures as part of creation. And I’m deeply bothered by any type of cruelty or neglect to any animal. I also try to reconcile my respect for animals with the science that shows a balanced diet, including meat and fish, is the correct nutrition for human metabolism.

Though, if there’s just one prescription that I would write for everyone, it’s to get out into Nature. This prescription ties into Thomas Jefferson’s idea of the agrarian democracy as the only path to true health, happiness, and prosperity. But in 2019, “democracy” in America is a far cry from Jefferson’s ideal. (I’ll give you more details in my Dispatch for July 4th this year.)

And we are all the worse for it.

Thankfully, I got out of the “urban cesspool” of Washington, D.C., years ago. And I never looked back.

Most recently, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to write about my passion—which is how to achieve optimal health without resorting to harmful drugs or medical procedures. (And I hope that everyone has the same chance to do what they love, because it’s more vital to enhancing cognitive health and overall longevity than you may think.)

The truth is, there are countless natural approaches for preventing—and even reversing—all the chronic ailments of our time. And I see it as my job to bring that science into the light.


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