The only heart supporter you will ever need

Over my 40-year career — as a medical anthropologist, epidemiologist, and physician specializing in natural medicine — I was one of the first to see clues about a natural blood pressure breakthrough…clues the AHA and the NIH completely missed.

First, during my early investigations around the world as a young medical student, I noticed that certain cultures can easily maintain healthy blood pressure. In America, blood pressure commonly rises with age. But that’s not true for the Xingu Indians of Brazil…the tribes of Rural Kenya…the fishermen of Southeast Asia…and the natives of Papua, New Guinea. These traditional cultures completely buck the trends of the modern western world. What do they do/know/have that we don’t?

Second, I also began to take note of the research that found the farther you head north or south from the equator — the more likely you are to be deficient in ONE key vitamin. Plus, epidemiological studies report heart health can decrease the farther you live from the equator.

I eventually began putting two and two together by looking at data showing that African Americans, who are historically deficient in this one vitamin, also have a harder time maintaining healthy blood pressure. In fact, a 2013 experiment looked at the effects of taking this one key vitamin on blood pressure levels in African Americans.

The results were amazing, to say the least.

Every time researchers increased the dosage and the amount of this nutrient in the body — the subjects’ systolic blood pressure improved accordingly.

And subsequent research from across the globe, among many cultures, has confirmed these findings.

Science from around the world show heart health benefits of one key nutrient

In Denmark, a 20-week study gave people 3,000 IU of this very same blood pressure breakthrough, or a placebo pill. The researchers measured different types of blood pressure and found the people taking this one simple nutrient maintained a healthy blood pressure more than the people getting a placebo.

In Italy, a small group of people experiencing unwanted blood pressure levels took a 25,000 IU mega-dose of this single nutrient for eight weeks. Researchers found while the levels of this nutrient rose in the body, healthy blood pressure was maintained.

In France, researchers presented the world’s largest review to date examining the link between this key nutrient and blood pressure using 35 separate studies, featuring 155,000 people. The results confirmed the more of this nutrient you have, the better it is for your blood pressure.

The simple nutrient behind these amazing results

Of course, vitamin D is the simple, but incredibly sophisticated nutrient in all of these studies.

Vitamin D helps support muscle strength, balance, bone health, and blood sugar health. Plus, it could also be the world’s most potent blood pressure protector.

Unfortunately, according to surveys, 75 percent of Americans are possibly deficient in this vital vitamin.

Could that fact explain why 75 million Americans struggle with blood pressure health right now?

How does it work?

You may wonder, how vitamin D impacts heart health. Researchers are still theorizing, but some point to vitamin D’s unique connection to an enzyme called renin.

Renin primarily helps regulate blood pressure throughout the body — and vitamin D is vital in its synthesis.

Of course, supporting healthy blood pressure is only one of the ways vitamin D protects your heart.

Vitamin D supports healthy inflammatory response

Vitamin D also helps with one of the most vital areas for heart health: inflammation.

Maintaining a proper inflammatory response is essential for heart health. And vitamin D helps your body maintain a balanced inflammatory response.

In a recent study published on Medscape, researchers examined 957 healthy, older adults.

People with low levels of vitamin D had much higher levels of inflammation. The trouble is, these people were considered “healthy” and possibly had no idea this hidden fire was raging in their blood vessels.

And doctors are taking notice, too. One of Tufts University School of Medicine’s top doctors, Dr. Clifford J. Rosen, stated that “something as simple as vitamin D” could be the key to reducing inflammation.

Make no mistake about it. Your heart health begins with vitamin D. For this reason, I made it the foundation of my incredible, new heart health formula, CoreCardio Advanced.

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