U.S. longevity on the decline, but why?

In this modern, technical era of medical miracles, death rates among white, middle class, middle-aged men and women increased by 37 percent in just one generation. Never before in modern history have we seen any group’s death rates increase, let alone this dramatically, in just 30 years.

So why is this incredible backslide occurring? I’ll answer that question in a moment. But first, let’s go back to the beginning.

The greatest improvements in longevity in the U.S. actually occurred during the century between the end of the Civil War (1861-65) through to the 1970s. These improvements occurred mainly due to advances in food supply, food distribution, sanitation, and public health. The advances were not due to drugs, medical devices, or high-tech procedures.

Before the Civil War (in 1850), men had a life expectancy of 38 years. And women lived, on average, two years longer, to age 40. By 1970, lifespans in the U.S. had nearly doubled. Men were living to age 71 years and women to 78 years.

Then, in late 1970s, this upward trend began to slow in the U.S.

My colleague Dr. S. J. Olshanksy published an influential article on longevity 10 years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine. He projected we would start to see a decline in the average lifespan of men and women in the U.S. by the mid-21st century.

And wow, was he ever right.

Americans experience sudden backslide as ACA goes into effect

New data from the CDC show longevity in the U.S. is now on the decline in some population groups.

And it’s on the decline despite all our modern medical marvels…Despite the huge, spiraling costs of healthcare…Despite the hundreds of billions spent developing high-tech drugs and procedures…And despite the huge price tag all Americans must now pay for their own “affordable” health care.

When you look closely at the most recent CDC data, it’s really quite disturbing…

Mortality increased significantly between 2014 and 2015. More specifically, in just one year, death rates increased one percent from Type II diabetes, one percent from heart disease, three percent for liver disease, four percent for stroke, and 19 percent for Alzheimer’s disease.

Ironically, during this same time frame, the Affordable Care Act went into full effect. It was supposed to bring greater health benefits to everyone. But in reality, it’s been an economic disaster, accompanied by a “looming medical and social catastrophe.” [And those are not my words, but those of the editors of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).]

Guess requiring more medical care isn’t the answer — as I’ve been saying all along.

Natural approaches are the answer

The JAMA editorial also says technological advances, at which the government-industrial-medical complex throws hundreds of billions of taxpayer and investor dollars each year, will not stop or solve our looming crisis. Instead, they point to the importance of diet and lifestyle — the kinds of approaches I’ve been talking about for 40 years and telling you about every week.

Of course, poor nutrition plays a big part in declining longevity. In recent years, most foods you see on the grocery store shelves have low nutritional value. They’re packed with artificial and genetically modified ingredients, and declining natural nutrient content.

Furthermore, for 40 years, the government steered us in the completely wrong direction with their flawed dietary guidelines. They told us to avoid cholesterol and saturated fats. So men and women cut out cheese, eggs, liver, beef, shellfish, and sardines. But these natural foods are exactly what we need. They contain essential fatty acids, protein, bioavailable minerals, and critical vitamins like A, Bs, D, and E.

Toxic modern drugs are also killing us. In fact, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are among the biggest “blockbuster” drugs of the past 30 years. Yes, they lower cholesterol. But they also raise your Type II diabetes risk, the No. 1 cause of cardio-metabolic heart disease, and many other chronic conditions. Plus, newer research links higher cholesterol with improved longevity. So why are so many doctors still handing out these pills that are probably shortening our lives?

From my viewpoint, we can directly link the current backslide in longevity to fake foods, the government’s bad dietary advice, and toxic drugs.

Ultimately, the CDC’s data show that modern, medical marvels fail to extend lifespan and improve longevity. In fact, they may actually cause or contribute to the increasing death rates that we are now witnessing, as once predicted.

I’ll leave you with one final thought…

Alzheimer’s disease hit tipping point in 2014

I’m sure you couldn’t help but notice the huge one-year increase in death rates due to Alzheimer’s disease. It rose a shocking 19 percent in just one year.

Sadly, I have been warning about this looming epidemic since I launched Insiders’ Cures almost five years ago. After two failed, government-funded “Decades of the Brain,” mainstream medicine is still barking up the wrong tree when it comes to preventing, treating, and curing Alzheimer’s disease. And this failure is obvious to anyone who is watching closely.

Fortunately, new evidence shows you can prevent and even reverse dementia using natural approaches. In fact, last year, ground-breaking clinical research at the nation’s leading dementia center at UCLA showed you can reverse Alzheimer’s disease in 90 percent of cases by following a few simple steps involving natural approaches, not drugs. This research was so important, the editors at a leading Alzheimer’s disease research journal rushed it into “priority publication.”

Unfortunately, your doctor probably has not heard about it, one year later.

I am currently working on combining all the latest research including the UCLA findings — together with five years of my own research — into a comprehensive dementia protocol. It’s a step-by-step guide for how to avoid and even reverse one of the greatest killers of our time. I’m putting the finishing touches on it now and will let you know as soon as it’s finished.

In the meantime, you can find more insights on how to beat the latest, grim longevity statistics by reading the April “Special Healthy Aging Breakthrough” edition of my Insiders’ Cures newsletter. Subscribers can download this issue for free from the archives by visiting www.drmicozzi.com and logging in with your username and password. And if you’re not already a subscriber, now is the perfect time to become one.


“Lifespan Weighed Down by Diet,” JAMA (www.jamanetwork.com) 4/4/2016