Harness the power of your brain for healing

The mind-body connection garners little respect from mainstream medicine. And for many decades during the 20th century, doctors discounted the influence of “mind over matter,” when it comes to your health.

But now, emerging science and clinical research show the real influence of mind over matter. The U.S. government even acknowledges and fosters it…

In fact, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) spent decades researching “paranormal activity,” like extrasensory perception and telekinesis.

It all started with the Nazis during WWII.

The Nazi leaders were obsessed with the occult, as you may recall from the hit movie Raiders of the Lost Arc, which starred Harrison Ford.

They raided historical sites and museums searching for the Holy Grail and the Lance of Destiny (the spear thought to have killed Jesus Christ on the cross). These objects harken back to old Teutonic symbols and rites from the Middle Ages.

The Nazis also conducted unethical experiments that pushed human physiology to extremes.

After World War II, the U.S. and Russia divided up whatever they could find on Nazi research into the so-called “occult sciences.” Then, as the Cold War heated up, so did the psychic arms race.

The race for dominance in mind-body science exemplifies how countries engage in an ambitious project for the chance to outdo other countries. They just want to get there before the other guy  whether it means getting to the moon first or learning more about how to harness the mind’s psychic power.

Many believed the Communists were practicing “mind control.” We now know, they did try brainwashing prisoners. But it didn’t necessarily involve anything “paranormal.” (Today’s “lame-stream” media seems to practice mind control over much of the U.S. population as well.)

In fact, videos of American P.O.W.s reciting Communist propaganda during the Korean and Vietnam War (such as the secret records of John McCain, for example) reinforced the fear of Soviet mind control or “brainwashing.”

The CIA countered with its own program that used “enhanced psychic functioning” with biological and chemical agents like LSD.

In the 1970s, the DOD set up its “remote viewing program.” This program essentially involved someone who can visualize details of distant people and objects through telekinesis. Indeed, in 1976, a secretary at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio used “psychic powers” to locate a top-secret Soviet aircraft that had gone down in the African jungle.

Likewise, a group called “Detachment G” in the U.S. Army used remote viewing to investigate a Soviet naval base. The program went on during the war in Iraq. And it led to the discovery of explosive devices planted in urban areas by using “precognition,” or the ability to envision something before it happens (as in the Final Destination movie franchise).

The field of parapsychology attempts to study unexplained phenomena using scientific methods. According to many surveys over the years, most people have witnessed something they can’t explain according to the accepted, conventional wisdom. Does that mean such observations aren’t “real”…or simply that they can’t yet be explained by science?

Your mind-body personality type affects your health

We probably won’t ever learn the truth about these top-secret military programs. However, science does show the importance mind-body connection for your health.

Indeed, as I often report, your mind-body personality type influences the types of disorders to which you are most susceptible. It also influences which kinds of treatments will most likely work for you.

My book with Mike Jawer, Your Emotional Type, explains these mind-body connections and how to utilize them to better your health. I also have a new book called Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain, based on your emotional type.

Many of the original insights behind these approaches came from Mike Jawer’s years of research on environmental sensitivity, which I initially helped him publish in our first book, The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion: How Feelings Link the Brain, the Body and the Sixth Sense. (You can find all three of the books I mentioned above via the “Books” section of my website.).

We appeared on late night radio shows in New York City with mentalist “The Amazing Kreskin” to discuss this work. For all the scientific background behind these approaches, treat yourself to a good read this month.

But don’t forget, in addition to what has been called the “sixth sense,” I always emphasize the role of common sense when it comes to your health.



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