Ask the Insider – Vitamin D and memory?

Q: A friend of mine has brain cancer and after a melee of treatments, has developed issues with memory retention.  Could vitamin D help improve her memory?

As an aside, I started my Insiders’ Cures subscription in January and I have not been disappointed in any way. I also read each Daily Dispatch and then file it for future reference or pass it on to others. Keep up the great work, and God bless!

– Tom C.

A: Thank you. Your comment encourages me to continue trying to stem the tide of drug company misinformation.

In terms of your friend, chemotherapy can cause serious damage to the brain. This problem is unfortunately well known and even has a name, “chemobrain.” While B vitamins are most often associated with brain and nerve health, there is increasing evidence that vitamin D is important for the brain, as it is throughout the body. And new research shows that complete, natural vitamin E has brain benefits, too

I also recommended a high-quality vitamin B complex and 5,000 IU per day of vitamin D, which can be taken in liquid form if your friend prefers. Berberine is also a very potent herb with brain benefits, as well as the carotenoid lutein. Optimal nutrition is also important before, during, and after chemotherapy.