[EXPOSED!] Huge new study reveals 4 deadly statin lies big pharma has been selling us for decades

A new analysis chipped away further at the whole argument that you can prevent heart disease and deaths by lowering cholesterol with statins. And it again confirms what I’ve been telling you for years about these toxic drugs.

In a moment, I’ll elaborate more on the important findings of this major analysis. But first, let’s back up to talk about how we arrived at this dire point in medicine…

Almost 40 years of dangerous drugs and denials

I first learned about the cholesterol myth way back in 1976 during my studies with the veterinary pathologists at the Philadelphia Zoo and Penn Vet School.

Even back then, the veterinarians, who often worked with primates, knew that cholesterol in the diet doesn’t increase cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore, they understood that there’s no connection between blood levels of cholesterol and cardiovascular disease in primates.

Of course, primates are the most closely related animals to humans. And many of my classmates, especially those who went on to become cardiologists, would have benefited by walking across the street to study some veterinary medicine, like I did.

Thankfully, I walked across that street. And I’ve never forgotten what I learned there. In fact, since those days, I’ve been telling everyone who would listen about the flawed cholesterol-causes-heart-disease hypothesis. And more recently, I’ve been lifting the veil on this issue in my Daily Dispatch e-letters and Insiders’ Cures newsletters.

Unfortunately, the real science never made it past the veterinary research labs once Alfred W. Alberts at Merck came up with lovastatin — a new drug to lower cholesterol. And upon its creation in the late 1970s — voilà — a new narrative about lowering cholesterol to prevent heart disease was written.

Thankfully, with the massive new analysis I mentioned above — which included 1.3 million participants — we’re finally getting the solid research on cholesterol and heart disease that should have been conducted decades ago.

The truth behind statins

In my view, this new analysis provided four major takeaways:

  1. High “bad” LDL cholesterol levels appear to be unrelated to heart disease risk — both in individuals with familial high cholesterol (a genetic disorder causing high LCL cholesterol) and in the general population.
  2. There is no association between high total cholesterol and atherosclerosis (the hardening of the arteries). And four studies specifically lacked an association between “bad” LDL cholesterol and atherosclerosis.
  3. Patients who suffered heart attacks actually had lower-than-normal “bad” LDL cholesterol.
  4. The previously published clinical trials consistently “exaggerated” the benefits of statin treatment. In fact, the researchers said it’s of “doubtful benefit” that statin drugs can even lower total cholesterol (which is of questionable benefit in any case).

Furthermore, other recent research has shown that older people with high “bad” LDL cholesterol actually live longer than those on statin treatment. Plus, there was NO association between statin treatment and lower cardiovascular mortality.

In addition, artificially lowering cholesterol with toxic statin drugs significantly increases the risks of cancer and infectious diseases. Plus, statins can actually cause Type II diabetes, according to more recent studies. (We only found out because these recent studies ran longer than the earlier, shorter studies that were used to get statins approved by the FDA.)

Statin drugs also cause a harmful “statin gluttony effect,” whereby people become convinced that taking this useless, little pill will somehow protect them from heart disease. So, they abandon effective approaches to good health, follow poor diets, and gain weight.

And last but not least, another previous study showed that statin drugs actually cause heart muscle abnormalities that increase your risk of heart attack and heart failure!

Big pharma hid the truth

You may wonder how big pharma and its minions got away with this public health disaster with so many, for so long?

Well — the answer’s pretty straightforward.

They hid what they didn’t want us to see. They exaggerated the benefits of statins. And minimized their serious side effects.

As a result, millions of people all over the world, including many people with no history of heart disease, still take statins.

In the end, remember what I learned back in medical school from the veterinarians across the street…

Cholesterol plays a vital role in the body. And every cell in the human body needs it.

So, never artificially lower your cholesterol with toxic statin drugs. Instead, supplement daily with a high-quality B complex with at least 55 mg of B6.

In addition, follow a Mediterranean-style diet, which will give you daily cholesterol from whole foods like seafood, eggs, full-fat dairy like cheeses and yogurt, and meats. (To read more about this way of eating, simply type “Mediterranean diet” into the top right search bar of my website, www.DrMicozzi.com.)

To learn more about how to address the REAL factors behind heart disease — and the natural, heart-healing pathway to low blood pressure and a stroke-free brain without taking a dangerous heart drug again — you can refer to my online learning tool, the Heart Attack Prevention & Repair Protocol. Click here to learn more, or sign up today!


“LDL-C does not cause cardiovascular disease: a comprehensive review of the current literature.” Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology, 2018. 11(10): 959-970. DOI: 10.1080/17512433.2018.1519391