Researchers bury important anti-aging breakthrough

I recently came across an important anti-aging discovery about red bush, a South African plant. Actually, I found it buried at the very end of a long, technical report. So I don’t think the authors even realized its importance. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have left it buried.

To me, however, the breakthrough jumped off the pages!

You see, I’ve been investigating South African red bush for more than 12 years. And I know the plant possesses many astounding anti-aging benefits from my work in South Africa. I saw men and women live to advanced ages. They got very few diseases. And eventually died of natural causes. I believe it all had to do with red bush. But I never had the clinical research to prove my observations were right. Until now, that is.

I’ll tell you all about this important anti-aging breakthrough in a moment. But first, let me explain a little more about the history of South African red bush…

It all started with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. For hundreds of years they survived in one of the hottest, harshest, driest places on the planet. They had very little access to water. But the water they did drink they infused with red bush leaves. You see, red bush helped keep them hydrated on a cellular level. So they didn’t always need to drink as much water. When properly nourished, cells make their own water by combining oxygen and carbohydrate–and they get energy besides.

Now, many years later, we are starting to learn more and more about the wonders of red bush.

In this month’s Insiders’ Cures newsletter, I told you about two major findings regarding red bush. First, men who took a dandelion-red bush supplement improved their natural hormone balance, vitality, and performance. Second, the men improved their gait after just three months of taking the supplement. And that’s huge. You see, your gait is the single strongest factor associated with increased longevity. In other words, if you have a good, strong gait, you’ll have a long, fruitful life. (If you’re not yet a subscriber to my newsletter, now’s the perfect time to get started. Better yet, get a lifetime subscription.)

Those two clinical findings definitely confirm what I have observed myself. As I said earlier, men and women who drank tea made with red bush looked fit and spry all their days.

One other thing I observed about men and women who drank red bush tea…they had enormous energy. And according to that technical report I waded through, I was right. The red bush fueled them.

You see, all your cells have organelles called mitochondria, which are like mini fires or combustion engines. And, like a fire or an engine, mitochondria take carbohydrates (sugar or glucose) and combine them with oxygen from your blood to use as “fuel.” Then, the mitochondria “burn” the carbohydrates and oxygen to produce energy.

Your body cleverly captures and stores this energy using chemical bonds called ATP (adenosine-triphosphate). Then, ATP releases the energy whenever your body needs it to support cellular metabolism.

The technical research report I mentioned above showed red bush boosts this whole, complex metabolic process. It INCREASES the uptake and burning of glucose (sugar) in the cells. It also INCREASES production of ATP. So your body has more energy. This also means that blood sugar is driven into your muscles and other tissues and your blood sugar is reduced.

Why is this fact such a big deal?

Essentially, it means red bush helps your body burn energy more effectively. It stokes your engine. It helps you burn more calories. And it may help you lose weight.

As I said, I predicted this mechanism of action years ago. I just never had the million-dollar research grant needed to prove it.

Well, now we have the research. But I think the researchers were too focused on other things in the study to realize the magnitude of their breakthrough. They paid very little attention to it in their report.

But I paid attention. And looked closely. And I will continue to look closely at important studies like this one. You never know what you’ll find buried in a technical report.

For you, it’s nothing but good news…

Keep drinking red bush. I recommend Red Joe brand. It will help keep you hydrated on a cellular level. It will boost your longevity and support your healthy gait and just getting around. Plus, now we know it will even boost your energy and make it easier for you to lose weight.


“Effects of fermented rooibos on adipocyte differentiation,” Phytomedicine. January 15, 2014; (21) 2: 109-117